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Lolita books.
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Welcome to Lolita Books! I created this community because I've found communities for everything EGL; from clothes, graphics, music and even cooking; but no books.

So here you can:
♥ Discuss books you find particularly loli (from the sweet lolita of 'Alice in Wonderland,' to the gothic lolita of Claudia from 'Interview with a Vampire') or that simply makes you want to dress up in your finest.

♥ Post illustrations from books that you love.

♥ Recommend a 'book of the month' and then discuss it with other members.

♥ Post poetry by writers you admire.

But please don't:
♥ Post manga. I think we all know about Chobits and Dolls by now.

♥ Post your own stories, artwork or poetry. I'm sorry, but I'm aiming for copies that everyone can get a hold of. However, if you REALLY want to put yours up here, e-mail it to me and I'll read through and decide if it's appropriate.

♥ Post adverts or post auctions. If you want to sell books, please run them by me first.

Please remember also that this isn't a jrock community, there are plenty of those already out there that I'll be happy to direct you to =)