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Hello all,
Just to say hi to all you bookworms
I'm studying German so German stories are pretty likely to crop up. i may grill one of my tutors his research is Romantic/Gothic Literaure
However, i'd like to recommed some of my favourite books

Edwardian/Victorian books
The River Sea by Evea Ibbotson- Girl goes to stay with boring relatives in the Amazon
The Kazan Stone by Eva Ibbotson- Girl appears to inherit fortune
Five Children and It by E Nesbit- Sibling find a creature who'll grant them wishes
The Treasure Seekers by E nesbitt- Siblings attempt to hepl teh family by digging for treasure
The Would Be Goods by E Nesbit Siblings Attempt to be good. but bridge fires, impromtu circus etc ensue
anything by E Nesbit;)
Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery- Everything is Romantic, for all girls who wish they were called Cordelia
FHB has laready been mentioned XP

Gothic Novels/ Parodies
Northanger Abbey Jane Austen- Parodies the Gothic Novel
Mysteries of Udolpho by Anne Radcliffe- tThe Novel mentioned in Northanger Abbey
Wuthering Heights- Charlotte Bronte angst kate Bush songs, brooding heathcliffe.
jane Eyre- Anne Bronte Governess marries the master the archtypal Mills and Boons but LITERATURE
Dracula by Bram Stoker- not like the film
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley also not like the film, teh monster speaks reads follows Victor to the Arctic.
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by RL Stevenson
The Vampyre John Polidori- Lord Byron as a 'Vampyre'

just done a module on 'The Fantastic in German lIterature'
The Sandmann by ETA Hoffman- the story that the ballet Coppelia is based on, very brain melting
If you can read German Die Schwartze Spinne von Theodor Storm, die Spinne ist igit:p
The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe THE hand stapled to forehead masterpiece, feels sentimental and overblown but a great evokation of the times (1790s) can lead one to depression and possibly suicide, so take care if you are likely to swoon.
The Bride of Corinth by Goethe- This is a poem i havn't read it by my tutor recommended it to me, in class.

Atoms and Evil by Robert Bloch, he also wrote Psycho, shrt stories with nasty twists, loook out for the update of 'Coppelia'
The wonderful Henry Sugar by Roald Dahl- More short stories with nasty twists, Roald Dahl's stories for Grown Ups. Lamb to the Slaughter is oh so deliciously wrong.
Burn your Boats Angela Carter Angela carter's short stories collected, some from her time in Japan and of course the Bloody Chamber collection./
Wise Children Angela Carter a novel about the theatre, a bit camp but in teh nicest possible way, sensuous.
Master and Margerita by Mikhail Bulgarkov- very odd russian take on teh Faust legend. Apparently it currently a hit TV series in Russian. That i's like to see.

many older books are out of copyright so they can be found at www.gutenberg.org or just search the title, universities often put course texts online.

Sleep tight (sorry for the long post, i've been podering Loli lit for a while, and also most of the books i like are either gothic, romantic or fantastic so rather Loliable:D
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